College Admissions Consultation

The college application process can seem overwhelming, complex, and daunting for many students and parents alike. And because the college admissions application is perhaps the single most important element of the application process, understandably, many families struggle to find where to begin. In fact, in order to craft a strong application for admission, the minimum requirements include: a strong GPA, an impressive extracurricular and volunteer resume, competitive SAT or ACT scores, and perhaps the best essay a teenager has ever had to write and on the most difficult topic—him/herself! Anxious yet? To say the least.

Through initial consultation and assessment of academic and extracurricular strengths, Mrs. Aróstegui Karshis helps students develop a personal application strategy to present themselves as exceptional candidates based on their unique background and accomplishments. She will help each student prepare the best possible applications, set realistic goals for admissions, and compose interesting essays in order to maximize the chances of acceptance to colleges.